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LP to CD Conversion

This service is to offer a conversion of the following in order to take advantage of new technology:

Old or pre-loved vinyl records, LP/EP/78 to CD, i.e. 78 rpm discs, EPs (45 rpm) or LPs (33rpm)

Audio cassette to CD

VHS tape to DVD

Vinyl records, after being out of fashion for a while, are now starting to make an appearance again in a limited way with a higher price tag than its equivalent CD, however, whether vinyl recordings will be fully remade from all recordings which are now directed to CD remains to be seen. It is our opinion that it will be a rather specialist market and there is no guarantee that you will get the recording you desire.

Cassettes are also becoming scarcer.

Accordingly, you may be asking what is going to happen to your treasured recordings when the Hi-Fi systems available are no longer going to be able to play cassettes in part5icular.

You would naturally be disappointed, so here is your opportunity to have the contents of these vinyl recordings, which can no longer be bought in that format, or cassettes converted to CD, so that you may continue to enjoy your music for years to come.

In fact, some music on record or cassette will never be re-released on CD, so therefore there are some situations you would find absolutely critical that you would still need to have the facilities to enjoy such music, especially when it is music which is dear to you.

We also have the facilities to copy VHS format video to DVD and it is possible, as well, that there may be situations where a movie is on VHS, which will never be released on DVD.

It should be noted that these services are restricted to copying vinyl or cassette to CD (or DVD if you wish to have a longer recording) or VHS to DVD. Conversion of standard CD audio formats to other formats, such as MP3 are not included in this product line, however are available as part of the Music Performance Services products, which is for copyright reasons.

For more information about this please click on the “More Info” link below to take you to the page where there is more information on our pricing and other details of this product.

You may wish to listen to output samples and to do this, you may click on the “Sample Files” link, also below.

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